Why should I sell to Case?

You will find our offers to be amongst the most competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, the focus and dedication of our team makes for an efficient, stress-free process.

Can I sell a portion of my mineral or royalty interests?

Yes, this can often be the best of both worlds for sellers. Liquidating a portion of your assets can offer a quick cash solution, while maintaining a monthly cash flow.

Why do you need check stubs, lease, or other information?

We pride ourselves on making engineered evaluations. The above information allows for ownership verification and ensures each mineral/royalty owner gets the most accurate evaluation.

Can you meet with me in person?

Yes. We can have a company representative meet with you in person.

How are the mineral rights or royalties evaluated?

Ultimately the value is based on the risk-adjusted cash flow that we expect the minerals to generate in the future. Estimating cash flow involves assumptions about when wells may be drilled, the flow and decline rates, oil and gas prices, the operator, and the risks. We consider many factors when valuing mineral rights and royalty interests.