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Oil Well Decline Curve


Due to our diversified mineral portfolio, we are able to assume the inherent risk of the commodity market. We have worked with thousands of mineral and royalty owners (including trust officers, estate planners, attorneys, and industry professionals) across the country helping them decide if selling all or a portion of their oil and gas interest makes sense.


Because mineral and or royalty owners are not in control of the timing of the development, the success of the wells, oil and gas pricing, depletion, or decline in production, many have decided to divest.  If a portion or the majority of your current income is from a few concentrated oil and gas wells or if your minerals are non-producing, you may consider reducing your risk by selling all or a portion of your oil and gas interests. Let us help you discover the full value of your interests and reinvestment options. 


Case Energy Partners uses economic models to calculate fair returns for both the buyer and the seller. We realize there are numerous reasons for selling your interest and that this may be an opportune time to convert all or just a portion of your interest into a lump sum cash payment. Our cash offers are consistently the highest in the industry.



Why Consider Selling Non-Producing Mineral Rights & Royalty Interest:


  • Mitigating the risk of a dry hole or marginal well 

  • Cash today rather than risk uncertain production and prices

  • Secure the current value of your interest

  • Tax advantages include 1031 exchanges and Long-Term Capital Gain Taxation 

  • Invest your proceeds elsewhere or payoff debt

  • Sell a portion and hedge against uncertainty

  • Delays in development


Why Consider Selling Producing Royalties:


  • Alleviate the risk of declining production and changing commodity prices

  • A lump sum payment is often more impactful and better used than monthly royalty checks 

  • Invest proceeds elsewhere or payoff debt

  • Tax advantages include 1031 exchanges and Long-Term Capital Gain Taxation 

  • Elimination of accounting, paperwork, or estate issues

  • Capitalize on the current value of your depreciating asset